Our Mission

To unlock the human meaning of evolutionary science and help resolve the techno-social challenges of globalization through the motivating vision of the noosphere.

Our Vision

We are a team of scientists, scholars, storytellers, engineers, artists, and educators who recognize profound existential and world-historical significance in the process of globalization ongoing around us. Our globalizing world is drawing human beings into unprecedented interconnectivity, a process giving rise to new sources of meaning and calling for reinterpretation of our ancient traditions, identities, and modes of knowledge.

The significance of globalization encompasses and extends far beyond its economic, political, and environmental implications, however vital these may be. We are, as a species, experiencing the stirring of something world-historically new: an unprecedented kind of global synergy—like a sort of super-organism—emerging from the mental enmeshment created by the explosive growth of digital communication, which already today shows signs of a growing planetary awareness and an emergent global ethic.

This more complete view of globalization has a legacy. It was pre-envisioned in the twentieth century by the concept of the noosphere: the sphere of conscious thought emerging from the sustained global interaction of millions and billions of human beings across the earth. The noosphere has its roots in the biosphere and rests ultimately on the nonliving matter and dynamics of our planet, but it is a new phase of human, evolutionary, planetary, and cosmological history, a phase all of us are involved in co-producing.

This vision of the noosphere as the most meaningful form of globalization is beginning to dawn on human beings and human societies. Its emergence around us brings an array of promises and challenges still perceived only dimly. As human beings continue to weave global interconnections through cultural encounter and high-speed communication, through trade, travel, and technology, we need to find ways to view the process at the highest level of the noosphere. How it unfolds, what kind of noosphere we are creating to dwell in together, depends on all of us.

Our Approach

 We seek to inspire worldwide conversations by:

(a) creating iconic representations of the noosphere, depicting its interconnectivity and global dynamics in accurate, aesthetic, and state-of-the-art data-driven visualizations

(b) producing a multimedia epic account of the noosphere’s emergence consistent with scientific evolutionary theory as well as scholarship on human culture and history

(c) promoting current research exploring the promises and challenges of the noosphere, as well as its relationship to the natural sciences and non-scientific creation stories and religious traditions

(d) contextualizing the noosphere concept in its twentieth-century history and among other planetary visions like the Anthropocene, the Gaia theory, the Singularity, and Big History

Advisory Board Members

Ben Kacyra

Mr. Kacyra is a founding director of KFF and currently is leading the Human Energy pilot project in addition to serving as the board’s President.

Read more about Mr. Kacyra here.

Watch his Ted Talk here. 

Dr. Terrence Deacon

Dr. Deacon is a Neuroanthropologist, Professor of Anthropology, and member of the Cognitive Science Faculty at UC Berkeley. 

Read more about Dr. Deacon here.

Dr. Brian Swimme

Dr. Swimme is a Professor at the San Francisco California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS).

Read more about Dr. Swimme here

Dr. Nzinga Harrison

Dr. Harrison is a medical doctor and consultant. Until recently she was the Chief Medical Officer at Anka Behavioral Health. 

Read more about Dr. Harrison here.

Dr. Paul Turnbull

Dr. Turnbull is President of Mid Pacific Institute and past superintendent of St. Ynez Valley Union High School District. 

Read more about Dr. Turnbull here.


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