Master Class Video Syllabus

July 18th


Major Evolutionary Transitions

July 25th


Cosmological Evolution
Origin of Life
Teilhard and the Noosphere

August 1st


Origin of Multicellularity
Cancer, Cheating, Cell Communication
Insect Superorganisms

August 8th


Human Origins
Indigenous Views of Society
Human Groups as Organisms

August 15th


Origins of Democracy in Classical Greece
Expanding Scale of Human Society
Noopolitik and Realpolitik

August 22nd


Evolution of Technology
Coevolution of Humans and Technology
Risks and Benefits of AI

August 29th


The Global Brain
Collective Consciousness
A Brain of Brains
Collective Consciousness and the Web

September 5th


The Global Commons
Wikipedia as Superorganism
Smart Cities

September 12th


Envisioning the Future Through Story