The education track is a new track initiated in 2021 and is intended to create curriculum around complexity-consciousness and the Noosphere. The first product is a college-level, popular online course on the Noosphere that explains the need for a vertical model of the Noosphere (a model that links action and outcomes to ethics and meaning). We will then develop curriculum for high school students and elementary students, building knowledge of concepts related to the Noosphere.  The education arm will also build communities of teachers interested in working with these concepts. 

  • Online Course to Introduce Teilhard’s Updated Ideas to the Jesuit and broader Catholic World: This course will be developed with the help of Professor David Sloan Wilson, Professor Michael Pirson and Professor Ellen Rigsby, and will be based on Professor Wilson’s Prosocial approach. The course is intended to be open to teams of 3-5 people representing Jesuit and other Catholic organizations and can accommodate up to 10 teams. It will be a version of Prosocial courses that are taught on a regular basis but specifically oriented toward Teilhard’s vision and the Jesuit order. The course will also be oriented toward real-world implementations similar to one already in progress in Fordham’s business school program. The course will be focused on getting students acquainted with the Third Story and the formation of the Noosphere and will have a significant component dealing with ethics for the Noosphere age.