IS4SI 2019

Professor Terrence Deacon invited the Human Energy Project to participate in the 2019 summit Conference of the International Society for the Study of Information at UC Berkeley which took place on June 2nd to June 6.
HEP, with the help of its team, developed and presented the program for one of the mini-conferences, within the main conference, titled the Future of the Global Infosphere (read it here).
The mini-conference was very successful in that it attracted many participants and resulted in significant papers dealing with HEP’s key topics.
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sponsored mini-conference talks below.

Dr. Francis Heylighen

Distrubuted Consciousness: Information Process May Build a Global Mind.

Paul Verschure

The Volition Brain

Wolfgang Hofkirchner

The Blurring of the Human and the Artifical.

A conceptual clarification.


Robert Logan

The Emperor of Strong AI Has No Clothes

José Monserrat Neto 

Analysis of the Diversification of Symbolic Systems in the Human Evolution.

Mark Graham 

An Introduction to the Internet Archive, the Wayback Machine, and a call for more Context.


Dr. Brian Swimme 


Ed Tywoniak 

Teilhard’s Vision of a Global Consciousness: Notes on the Noosphere



Matthew Switzer 

The Spirit of A.I.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s Cosmic Vision of Complexity- Consciousness




Monica DeRaspe Bolles