Our Purpose

Human Energy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization advancing scientific research about the future of human collective consciousness.

“To understand to some extent how we work collectively,
how we think collectively, is one of the great problems.”

Dr. Terrence Deacon
Professor of Anthropology, UC Berkeley
Human Energy Advisory Board Member

Who We Are


At Human Energy, we find hope in the potential of humanity’s collective intelligence.


We are a team of scholars, scientists, philosophers, educators, and professionals representing top international universities and think tanks at the forefront of new research into the future of human collective consciousness.


Our wide-ranging specialties bring together insights from neuroscience, anthropology, psychology, astrophysics, technology, data science, humanistic management, social entrepreneurship, environmental design, communication, education, sustainability, and world affairs.

What We Do


As modern society grapples with exponential technological change, we see a way forward through global and interdisciplinary collaboration.


Human Energy is the first organization of its kind to research and bring awareness to this techno-social dilemma. At the individual level, it manifests as an existential crisis – a loss of meaning, direction, and values. On a global scale, it is an existential threat to our very species: the root cause of modern society’s compounding crises, from the misuse of AI and social media to climate change and geopolitical conflict.


As part of our collaborative research into the evolution of social change, it is imperative that we explore the ethical implications and potential solutions to this unprecedented global challenge. Our network of interdisciplinary experts advances its findings through conferences, scholarly publications, educational modules, and multimedia experiences.


Evolution is progressing towards a greater collective potential. Deeper understanding of this paradigm shift will enable humanity to tap into our full potential and ensure the flourishing of our species and our planet.

Partner Organizations


We are indebted to our growing network of collaborators for their generous contributions to our scientific research, publications, educational module development, multimedia projects, conferences, and workshops.


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