2022 Workshop


On October 29, 2022, Human Energy convened a two day Esprit-De-Corps workshop at the Soda Activity Center of Saint Mary’s College of California. The workshop enabled Human Energy’s diverse team – scientists, philosophers, filmmakers, educators, CEOs, and interested others – to meet in person and present their achievements in understanding the nature of the noosphere and the Third Story, and in disseminating this crucial understanding to the public.

Presentations ranged from: formal scientific studies on the noosphere and Third Story, to projects for mapping the noosphere, for educating students at the high school and college levels, and for assessing the success of The Story of the Noosphere and the Science of the Noosphere video series. The workshop showcased and intensified the enthusiasm, curiosity, passion, and hope created by working together on Human Energy projects.

The event program with participant information is available here.

Presentations and Interviews from the workshop are available below.