Many of the concepts that underlie Human Energy’s mission — such as the Noosphere and the Third Story — are unfamiliar to the majority of the general public. Their meaning can be context dependent as well.

In order to better understand these ideas, we interviewed some of the workshop participants, asking each interviewee the same set of questions. They all brought unique perspectives to bear on ideas that are central to Human Energy’s mission in the world.

After the Workshop we assembled some of the most interesting and relevant responses from members of Human Energy’s team to create the series of short videos embedded below. The questions the interviewees are responding to appear above each video.


What is the Noosphere?


What does the Third Story mean to you?


Why is Human Energy’s mission

especially critical at this moment in history?


What is the compelling problem

that Human Energy is trying to solve?


What makes Human Energy stand out among

organizations trying to build a better world?


How can the Third Story contribute to

solutions for the global problems we face?