Our Mission


We use multimedia to share the Third Story of the Universe and the formation of the Noosphere as a source of meaning and orientation in our rapidly changing world.


Our vision

We envision a global human society that recognizes itself as a meaningful unity—a new kind of superorganism, or Noosphere. The noosphere began forming with early human culture and has accelerated with modern technologies of interconnection. It represents a vision of global integration for the immense variety of human beings and communities that continue to create it. The healthy Noosphere we envision will have respect for the biosphere from which it emerged and with which it continues to share the Earth.  


Our approach

  • Conducting and supporting research into the nature and history of the Noosphere, as well as its relationship to the natural sciences and pre-scientific traditions
  • Producing a multimedia account of the Noosphere’s emergence, the Third Story, consistent with scientific evolutionary theory as well as scholarship on human culture and history
  • Developing a map of the Noosphere, a multi-layered and multi-dimensional tool for visualizing humankind’s technological and cultural infrastructure

Please read Three Stories of the Universe to learn about the basic assumptions behind our project.