Publications by HEP Team Members

Select Presentations and Publications by HEP Team

Professors and Scholars:

  • Terrence Deacon
  1. On Human (Symbolic) Nature: How the Word Became Flesh
  2. Neither nature nor nurture: the semiotic basis of language universals
  3. The Symbolic Species: The Co-evolution of Language and the Brain (1997)
  4. Incomplete Nature: How Mind Emerged from Matter (2011)
  5. Teleodynamics: specifying the dynamical principles of intrinsically end-directed processes (2020; conference keynote)
  6. The Complexity Ratchet Paradox & the Human Future (2021; conference keynote)
  7. Falling Up (2021; conference keynote)
  8. The complexity ratchet paradox in evolution (2021; conference keynote)
  9. How molecules became signs (2021; conference keynote)
  10. How Molecules Became Signs (2021)
  • Francis Heylighen
  1. Return to Eden? Promises and Perils on the Road to a Global Superintelligence (2015; Video presentation)
  2. The Global Superorganism: an evolutionary-cybernetic model of the emerging network society (2007)
  3. Accelerating socio-technological evolution: from ephemeralization and stigmergy to the global brain (2008)
  4. Conceptions of a Global Brain: an historical review (2011)
  • Michael Jacob
  1. Neuronal opinion, public opinion: a comparative study of neural decision making and the evolution of societal aspirations for racial equality (2020)
  2. “Towards neurosemiotics: Ongoing neural activity as brain music,” with Parham Pourdavood and Terrence Deacon (2021, video presentation)
  3. Steering Transforms the Cortical Representation of Self-Movement from Direction to Destination (2015)
  • Michael Pirson
  1. Humanistic Management – Sucks Less and Better for your Health (2018)
  2. Towards a Consilience of Knowledge – Ontological Foundations for Humanistic Management (2018)
  3. Better Stories Needed: How Meaningful Narratives can Transform the World (2017).
  4. Exploring the Boundaries of Compassion Organizing (2017)
  5. A Humanistic Perspective for Management Theory: Protecting Dignity and Promoting Well-Being (2019)
  6. Introduction: International Business and International Management in an Era of Globality (2014)
  • Ellen Risgsby
  1. Time and the Measure of the Political Animal (2005)
  2. To Kill a Mockingjay: Katniss’s Corrosive Queerness in The Hunger Games Trilogy (2020)
  3. Metadiscursive Thinking for Teaching Methods (Forthcoming)
  • Brian Thomas Swimme
  1. What’s Next? Planetary Mind and the Future
  2. The Divinization of the Cosmos (An interview with Brian Swimme on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)
  3. The Universe Story: From the Primordial Flaring Forth to the Ecozoic Era: A Celebration of the Unfolding of the Cosmos (1994)
  4. The Journey of the Universe (2011)
  • David Sloan Wilson
  1. Extending Darwin’s Revolution
  2. Religion and Spirituality in the Context of Everyday Life
  3. Darwin’s Cathedral: Evolution, Religion, and the Nature of Society (2002)
  4. This View of Life: Completing the Darwinian Revolution (2019)
  • Marta Lenartowicz
  1. Methodology of the Noosphere: Towards a Systematic Exposition


Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers:

  • Boris Shoshitaishvili
  1. Deep time and compressed time in the Anthropocene: The new timescape and the value of cosmic storytelling (2020)
  2. From Anthropocene to Noosphere: The Great Acceleration (2020)
  3. The Superorganism, the Infosphere, and the Noosphere” with Terrence Deacon (in progress)
  4. Is Our Planet Doubly Alive? (2022)
  • Clément Vidal
  1. Distributing Cognition: from Local Brains to the Global Brain (2015)
  2. The Beginning and the End: The Meaning of Life in a Cosmological Perspective (2014)
  3. Are we significant in the universe? (TEDx video)
  4. Is there a limit to technological progress? (TED-Ed animation)
  5. What is the Noosphere?
  6. Teilhard’s Formation of the Noosphere: an exegesis and update (2021)
  7. What is the Noosphere? Planetary Superorganism, Transition and Emergence (2021)
  8. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: A Visionary in Controversy (2021)
  9.  Radical Shifts in Planetary Health, Evan Barba, Eleni Charoupia, Sally Sutherland, and Clément Vidal (2022; Academic Presentation)
  • Shima Beigi
  1. Noospheric Consciousness (2021)
  2. Collective Consciousness Supported by the Web: Healthy or toxic? (2021)