Story of the Noosphere


Welcome to the Story of the Noosphere series.

This series of short films explores the ways humanity is building Earth’s planetary mind, called the noosphere. As we deepen our understanding of this noosphere we begin to discover a collective sense of meaning and purpose that will help us address our global challenges.

Our series is narrated and hosted by Brian Thomas Swimme.

Throughout this series, we explore the eight conditions that gave rise to the noosphere across four different stages of humanity. These are overviewed below. We encourage you to choose your own adventure through this series. You can move sequentially, starting with the Paleolithic period and ending with the Modern. Or you can explore the conditions that you find most interesting in any order that serves your curiosity. 

The noosphere is a dynamic presence, one that will require contributions from individuals and organizations around the globe to more fully understand. This series is our initial offering to this conversation. We encourage and invite you to share your side of the story.

Series Overview


Stages of Humanity

Noospheric Conditions