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This year is the 100th anniversary of the word “noosphere” which was described by the French paleontologist and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) as the “…human sphere, the sphere of reflection, of conscious invention, of the conscious unity of souls.” Teilhard envisioned the noosphere as having its roots in the biosphere but saw it growing and spreading around the earth as a separate thinking layer of life.

Today, the concept of the noosphere has never been more relevant to humankind and the planet — but the prophetic vision of Teilhard requires updating. That is the purpose of Science of the Noosphere, a series of 24 video conversations between evolutionary scientist David Sloan Wilson and some of the most amazing thinkers of the 21st century. The conversations cover:

  • The origin of life.
  • Major transitions of biological evolution.
  • The origin of our species.
  • Major transitions of cultural evolution leading up to the present.
  • The continuing development of a sentient global superorganism.

Now, Human Energy is offering a unique opportunity to engage directly with Wilson and his conversation partners in the form of a Master Class, which will meet twice weekly from July through September. The class is free but there is an application process and the participants must be willing to devote as much time and effort as they would for a semester-length college course.

Other than being restricted to those who can make the commitment, the class is open to anyone and everyone, including scientists, scholars, students, social change agents, spiritual seekers, technology experts, and artists. We hope and expect that the participants in the course will be as diverse and dynamic as Wilson’s conversation partners, with ample opportunities for the participants to interact with each other.

In addition to providing an intellectual feast, the Master Class will be oriented toward action and participant-based scientific research on worldview transformation.

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In the video below, David Sloan Wilson discusses the Science of the Noosphere Master Class with Terrence Deacon, Chair of the Human Energy Science Steering Committee



Presented as part of our 100 Year Anniversary of the Discovery of the Noosphere Celebration