Mapping the Noosphere


The Human Energy Project has been creating interactive 2D and 3D global maps using Google Earth Pro to convey graphically the concept of the noosphere unfolding as a superorganism and the formation of its global nervous system. Through several layers in the maps, visualization is provided for other key noosphere systems such as economy, trade, and transportation – the noosphere’s circulatory system – and human population distribution (the noosphere’s thinking and feeling substance).

The Mapping the Noosphere Video (see above) was based on these maps and is intended to reach a broad popular audience.

The slider features built into the maps allows the user to track the noosphere’s development and the progressive interconnection of its various systems through time. Next phase of this project will focus on adding more layers to help visualize more superorganism organs, and the slider feature will be extended to go farther back in time. 

It is hoped that the interactive maps will become a valuable resource for academic research and teaching on global systems.

For instructions on how to download and use the app visit the link here