The Techno-Social Dilemma



Advancements in technology have generated powerful breakthroughs for the development of humanity. However, as we continue to depend on technology during our everyday lives, we run the risk of losing the connection to ourselves and to each other.

Our increasing dependence on the digital sphere without a corresponding sense of the agency that comes with new skills or capacities has spawned a collective identity crisis–a Techno-Social Dilemma. We believe that spreading awareness of the noosphere can guide us through this crisis and help humanity find deeper meaning and purpose in our everyday lives by regaining agency lost to technologies that are not designed for human use at human scales.

We are proud to support multiple studies into the effects of this Techno-Social Dilemma on our modern society, human behavior, and the overall evolution of the noosphere. Our hope is that these studies will contribute to solutions to the Techno-Social Dilemma, i.e. more human-centered approaches for implementing new technologies.